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Custom Shirt

Custom Shirt

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 Please type in the color of tee you'd like in the note section once your image is uploaded. 
                                  Basic print file graphic requirements
The quality of your product depends on the print file you submit. So if you want to make your designs look the best they can, and avoid order holds, then carefully follow these basic graphic requirements:
  • Maximum size of print area depends on the product you choose. For best results, we recommend creating a 14” x 16” template when creating your art. You may also purchase art off of websites like Etsy (which normally already come ready to print) or (where they have amazing affordable artist).
  • File resolution recommendations for most products must be 150-300 DPI (dots per inch). This is ideal for simple graphics with not much detail (such as writing and clip arts). Our printing equipment can print up to 1200 DPI (600-1200 DPI is ideal for printing portraits and other real life images). Accepted print file formats are .png, .jpeg, .psd, .ai So where do you send all your info? 
  • If your design is all black, you may choose any color tee. If your design has color in it, please choose a circled color only. 
  • If you have any further questions, please email 
  • Turn around time is the same as our regular tees. 

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